Monday, May 30, 2011

Mission: Stop and Smell the Accomplishments

I really took my own advice this Memorial Day weekend and had some down time.  After work Friday I went out in the rain to the garden store to buy plants so I would be ready for Saturday. 

Saturday was super-accomplished with planting, took Deuce to "Kung Fu Panda" and had dinner with the neighbors. 

Sunday things came a halt for me.  Bob was working on the gate for our fence and I just hung out with Deuce and our neighbor's mom while he played with the neighbor.  We had a home cooked meal, vegged together for a while and after Deuce went to bed we sat and chatted under the stars.

Today was slow in the morning, then I went shopping!  That was good and bad.  Good because I got myself some summer clothes for work and casual that I was desperately needing.  Bad b/c I had a whole route and a bunch of stops planned which didn't happen b/c I left my debit card at home accidentally.  I was really annoyed with myself.  But, in the spirit of taking things in stride, I came home and got the card, did what I absolutely had to do and came home to enjoy the rest of the day.

I find myself thinking I could have done a lot more.  It's back to the grind tomorrow, so for now my mission is to stay relaxed!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I have something of a high-class problem. So many things I want and need to do and so little time.

It's really a great thing to have a family, a home, friends, hobbies... All requiring attention and investment. When I get to feeling exhausted or overwhelmed, I sometimes need to remind myself that I *want* to have a life so full.

But maybe not so full that I don't have a minute to think.

What's the point of accomplishing things if I don't stop and enjoy them?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

What a day, what a week, what a life!

Despite being an a great place in life, and having a decent handle on all of life's responsibilities, and fun, I managed to get run down this week.

Apparently I have penicillin-resistant strep throat.  Hee haw.  I didn't know this until Friday.  All week I did all the fun things life has to offer (and some not-fun things too - organizing garage ahem) and finished up antibiotic round 1 Wednesday.  Friday morning when I woke up feeling like a pile of hot garbage, I had already made plans for the day/weekend and didn't want to cancel everything.

And now I'm so tired.

I saw the doctor, and went to the pharmacy.  I also went to happy hour and then over to the neighbor's house.

And now I'm so tired.

It's sunny outside, we have a babysitter coming over so we can go out to dinner and concert, tomorrow's mother's day...  and I'm so tired.

I have a stack of pages (located downstairs) that need titles and embellishments (located on 3rd floor), and I've been trying all day to psych myself up enough to carry everything upstairs.  I want a nap.

But the babysitter's on her way and I need to wipe the kitchen table.

Life is good.  And I'm so tired

ZZZZZzzzzz  ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Should have known better - NSM Day 3

I'm so incredibly spoiled that my almost-4-year-old is amazingly respectful of my things.  He just knows not to mess around with my knitting or scrapbooking, even when I leave it on the coffee table or some other similarly accessible location. 

But last night, when our friends brought their just-turned-2-year-old over, I really should have picked up the supplies and photos from the living room.  Or at least moved the glass of water sitting next to the supplies and photos.

Because by the time I thought to check up on them, the glass of water had been spilled into my tote bag.  Luckily, everything was in plastic folders, so I just wiped up and thanked my lucky stars.

Please excuse the hideous cell phone photo of the stack of stuff I wiped off before giving up for the evening.

No paper was harmed in the making of this blog post.  Sadly, no scrapbooking was accomplished either.

Part of a page - NSM Day 2

I put together a page for National Scrapbooking Month Day 2 on Monday.  Well, part of a page.  I'm am so blocked on titles!

I took this picture of Deuce last winter and just like it.  There's no real story behind it.  He's smiling, he's cute, we've been outside in the snow and his cheeks are flushed, he's wearing a hat I knit for him...  all nice things.  But nothing jumped out for me as title worthy.

I'm just going to add this to the stack of title-less pages to work on for Saturday

Monday, May 2, 2011

Mission: Scrapbook every day in May

May is National Scrapbooking Month!

I'm giving myself a personal challenge to do something scrapbook related every day in May.  I used to think that scrapbooking was all about sticking photos to paper (still is a pretty good working definition :D ), but Stacy Julian's Photo Freedom turned the tables on all that.  Scrapbooking is all the things we do that result in a memory being preserved.  Taking photos, editing photos, organizing supplies, designing and making pages, presenting them online and in your house and making other memory items are all part of what is important to me about scrapbooking - having fun and capturing stories and moments.

So, Sunday I took some pictures and a couple of short movies.

Bob, Deuce and I went to the beach near our house for kite flying day.  Luckily the event was free and the kite was $1 and bought 2 years ago, so I wasn't disappointed when he just dug in the sand the whole time.  Bob and I flew the kite and my brother, visiting from out of town, stopped by and played with Deuce on the playground.

The light was weird.  It was overcast and everything was moving, so I don't feel like I got any good shots.  But here are a couple of Deuce and Uncle Andy that are workable.

A little kid on a big slide

A big kid on a little slide

One of my goals is to dust off Photoshop Elements.  These photos seem like good candidates for some fixes.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project Craftastic

I squeaked in my project for Project Craftastic on the last day of the month - phew!  I was the hostess this month (I posted this month's challenge) so I really needed to participate!  Go check it out here.