Saturday, May 7, 2011

What a day, what a week, what a life!

Despite being an a great place in life, and having a decent handle on all of life's responsibilities, and fun, I managed to get run down this week.

Apparently I have penicillin-resistant strep throat.  Hee haw.  I didn't know this until Friday.  All week I did all the fun things life has to offer (and some not-fun things too - organizing garage ahem) and finished up antibiotic round 1 Wednesday.  Friday morning when I woke up feeling like a pile of hot garbage, I had already made plans for the day/weekend and didn't want to cancel everything.

And now I'm so tired.

I saw the doctor, and went to the pharmacy.  I also went to happy hour and then over to the neighbor's house.

And now I'm so tired.

It's sunny outside, we have a babysitter coming over so we can go out to dinner and concert, tomorrow's mother's day...  and I'm so tired.

I have a stack of pages (located downstairs) that need titles and embellishments (located on 3rd floor), and I've been trying all day to psych myself up enough to carry everything upstairs.  I want a nap.

But the babysitter's on her way and I need to wipe the kitchen table.

Life is good.  And I'm so tired

ZZZZZzzzzz  ;)

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