Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Should have known better - NSM Day 3

I'm so incredibly spoiled that my almost-4-year-old is amazingly respectful of my things.  He just knows not to mess around with my knitting or scrapbooking, even when I leave it on the coffee table or some other similarly accessible location. 

But last night, when our friends brought their just-turned-2-year-old over, I really should have picked up the supplies and photos from the living room.  Or at least moved the glass of water sitting next to the supplies and photos.

Because by the time I thought to check up on them, the glass of water had been spilled into my tote bag.  Luckily, everything was in plastic folders, so I just wiped up and thanked my lucky stars.

Please excuse the hideous cell phone photo of the stack of stuff I wiped off before giving up for the evening.

No paper was harmed in the making of this blog post.  Sadly, no scrapbooking was accomplished either.

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