Saturday, March 19, 2011

Briefly, on entertaining quickly

We have a standing Tuesday night dinner with neighbors from our old neighborhood.  We alternate houses each week and the visitors bring dessert.

This tradition started when I was home full time, and I cooked elaborate dinners and decadent desserts.  Good times.  Now, with 4 full time jobs between the two families, we need to be more realistic.  Some weeks, like last week, we pull it together. 

This week, we ordered pizza.

And on top of the pizza?  That's a peanut butter pie.

With all the time I didn't spend planning a meal, shopping and cooking I made this peanut butter pie.  (oddly enough, posted originally by another Megan).  Minor tweaks - piled the whole batch of filling into one crust instead of two, and chopped a couple of peanut butter cups for the top.

We had just as good of a time, and there were a lot less dishes than last week!

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