Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lost and Found

School registration in our district is this month, a task which I have been working on since before Christmas, and will finish on the last possible day.  I was sidelined by my inability to find Deuce's birth certificate.  I finally found it this morning, promptly forgot my victory, and left the house without it. 

Greatest parent of all time.

Tomorrow's mission is, obviously, Mission: Register Deuce for Pre-K.

Weekend's mission is Mission: Organize Office.  I already took the "before" picture, and it's straight out of Hoarders.  (I jest.  there isn't one animal dropping)

Life's mission is to learn to persevere/work around losing important items, stuff I like, stuff I know I have around here somewhere...  you get the drift.

Even though I could have registered him with his baptism certificate (what this proves from a legal standpoint I do not know), but I don't know where his first year's scrapbook is, so that was out.  So I did nothing for a week or so in between searches.

Also lost in the move is my precious, precious coupon-and-gift-card sorter.  I still can't stand the though that it's around here somewhere (or gone? *fretful look*), and anything else I misplace compounds that feeling.

In the weeks after we moved, we did a great job unpacking a little every day.  Now we're down to more difficult things, but we still need to make progress.  Maybe one item per day minimum gets unpacked or put the garage sale Mt. Everest pile.  Whatever it takes to find my precious coupons!  I mean, sanity!

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  1. I love reading your blog, Meg-so much of what I read makes me go, "you, TOO?!?!" lol

    For me, the worst part of losing something is...well...accepting that I'll never have it again. Most of the time it's just a temporary MISplacement, but occasionally I really did send that vintage chopstick to a friend who didn't know it was in the box and promptly sent it to the wood furnace. Sigh.