Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The SATs for grown-ups

One of the goals I'm working toward that I have almost no control over is to get civil service status in my job.  I have very little control over this because, long story short, there is no test for the title I (and several others in my office) hold. 

But so help me, when the state writes and administers an exam for us, I'm going to pass that thing with shining colors!

I've never taken a civil service exam before, so I signed up for a test taking strategies class.  I recall being a good test taker...  the last time I took a test, which was sometime around 10 years ago.  And the last time I took a standardized test with a bubble sheet?  Talk to me about 1998.  It was a very good year.  Regardless...

The class was yesterday and today, and wow do I feel rusty!  I did well on the first practice test (I'm saving the second one for closer to the test, should it ever get announced...)  Spelling, grammar, analogies, reading comprehension...  there's even a section with long division!  Where's my spreadsheet at?  I do not do math without spreadsheets.

It was actually fun.  We did some of those self-evaluations, like multiple intelligences (we're all intelligent in our own special way) and right/left brain (explains why I'm a slow runner).

And I got familiar with the test and learn/refresh some test taking strategies.  Now if only the test would be announced soon so that it would mean something....

If you interested in your brain, check out

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  1. Interested, off to follow links!

  2. Right brain/Left brain-smack down the middle! 16/16.
    Multiple Intelligences, dn3cyz6c85396 (results)
    Musical capped, Intrapersonal and Linguistic above 20, Naturalistic and Visual at 20, Kinaesthetic, Logical and Interpersonal all 15-20s. Very cool.
    Am an auditory/tactile learner.

    Thanks! Learn something new and hopefully useful every day :D